Welcome to Sakuraid Reader!

I am a engaged reader, lazy writer and an aspiring YouTuber who seeks to give this world many gifts and make it a lot better for anyone out there. I want to make peoples lives shine and let my depressed viewers/readers get exited and have fun when they check out my creations.

Help me make better creations by becoming my patron or maybe donating a certain amount. If you are poor or doesn’t want to provide me some funding that’s ok, no one will force you. Note that if you donate you will do it through my twitch so your twitch username will appear in my stream if I have a live.

Support me as a Patron and get special benefits! My Patreon

Support me by donating on streamlabs! Donate

This is what I do:

My own stories:

A story I’m slowly translating, the web novel Ring Ring

Xant & Minions Editor

YouTube Sakuraid

Discord Server


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