I.O Chapter 8: Fire Dragon

A lone girl arrived at the village that was situated by the border between Loin and Mior. Her long white hair was flowing behind her as she, with a neutral expression on her face, walked towards the guards at the village entrance.

“Um excuse me miss but would you like to take a drink with me and my friend.”

Her beautiful face changed to a surprised beautiful face as the dwarf guard clearly had just tried to flirt with her.

“No thanks sir, I’d much rather get to an Inn. What way to the nicest and cheapest Inn in the village?” (Moonlight)

“It’s right ahead a few houses down and then to the left. It has a signboard with bear on it and words saying Bear’s nest. You can’t miss it.”

The human guard told her after hitting the dwarf guard on the head.

“Thank you!” (Moonlight)

As she started to walk towards the inn she faintly heard the dwarf guard being scolded by the human guard behind her.

The human guard was right when he said that it wasn’t hard to miss. The signboard was quite large and only someone stupid wouldn’t be able to notice it. The inn was okey but more shabby than nice, but Moonlight didn’t mind. A shabby inn could be surprisingly comfy and cozy.

Inside it was quiet, there weren’t alot of people there and those who were had started whispering when she came in. There were only male costumers and their ages seemed to vary between the early twenties to the late sixties.

“A room for one? That will be 70 copper miss.”

The innkeeper said as he stood by the counter wiping some glasses. Moonlight gave him the copper and he threw her some keys that he had picked up from under the counter.

As she walked up to the second floor she could feel the men stare at her neck. But she ignored them and as soon as she got to her room she laid down on the bed and fell asleep.

Of course she locked the door behind her before she fell asleep, she wouldn’t want anything to happen. Security is a important factor both online and in the reality.

Inside a dark red warm cave, with the only light source being the lava streaming on some parts of the walls and the floor. Something was moving slowly deeper into the cave following some fire balls.

After moving through the cave for a couple of minutes there was something like a small red hill in a big open space. Surrounding the small hill and on the roof were dozens of stalagmites and stalactites.

Streams of lava ran on both sides of the cave along the walls and joined at the place she entered. Suddenly the hill moved and the head of a dragon opened its yellow eyes and stared at her.

Human girl who entered my abode, what is it you may seek?

She heard this female empowering voice asking her in her head.

“Who are you? And why are you in my head?”

The dragon let out a small chuckle and then the voice in her head started talking again.

I have no name but I am known as the female dragon that rules the south and I’m from the fire dragon clan. Now then how about you? Who are you and what is it you may seek?

“My name is Moonlight, I’m not sure of what I seek but I started this journey to get some true friends, friends who are not my friends because I’m well off and who I could put my trust in. I can’t make out how I got here though, the last thing I remember was falling asleep in an inn.” (Moonlight)

You aren’t really here my child, only your consciousness is here, your body remains in that inn for now. You said you wanted a companion? I have been bored laying around here lately, maybe I’ll follow you. Your fate is after all tied to the chosen one.

“My fate is tied to the chosen one? What do you mean?” (Moonlight)

That is something I may not tell…

The dragon suddenly moved its head and looked at the ceiling.

Seems like it’s time, let us meet on the other side.

Moonlight looked at the dragon questionably and them looked down at herself. She was disappearing, turning into small orbs of light. A second after an the world where totally black, or that was what she thought.

She opened her eyes and looked around, she was still at the inn in the game.

‘I didn’t know that this game could make dreams like that, amazing.’

Suddenly she heard something hitting the rooms window and looked up. In the window was a small dragon, about one decimeter big. It resembled the dragon she saw in her dream. The voice from the dream all of the sudden was in her head again.

Hey, let me in! Or do you not want me as a companion?

“Ah, wait a second!”(Moonlight)

Moonlight ran up to the window and quickly opened its hatches, the little dragon quickly flew in and laid down on the bed.

“Well, where to start?”(Little dragon)

“I was thinking of going to the capital of the dwarves. I don’t really have a reason but I have the feeling that I need to be there.” (Moonlight)

“Then let’s go!” (Little dragon)

The little dragon dragged Moonlight by her arm out of the inn and out into the streets, she then led her toward a clearing on the north side of the village.

The little dragon felt different from the big dragon she met in her dream, the little dragon felt more childish.

In the clearing the little dragon transformed into the big dragon Moonlight saw in her dream.

“Come, climb up on my back. I’ll give you a ride.” (Dragon)

Moonlight took a quick look at the real world clock in the right high up corner of her view.

“Can you wait here for a few hours? I have some things I need to do before I can go with you to the capital.” (Moonlight)

“Do whatever you need to do child, I will create a invisibility barrier and wait here.” (Dragon)

“You can do that?” (Moonlight)

“I can do more than that child.” (Dragon)

The dragon laid down in the middle of the clearing and slowly disappeared before Moonlight’s eyes.

With that Moonlight logged out.

| Some noticed but there was a problem with the last part so I had to unpublish and rewrite, but here it is, another chapter! This one only about Moonlight and what happened to her in the village Rein was at a few chapters ago. What will happen when both of them meet? We’ll see that soon.

Important questions: What will the dragon’s name be? Should it be one name for each form? Or will it only have one name? Please give name suggestions.

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