TOW Chapter 1: The Beginning

I was standing inside a dark detergent smelling broom closet, all alone and breathless, staring down at my hair and my hands and thought about what could have happened out there. Really, is this my power, I thought.

My name is Aoi, which means blue in Japanese, I’m 16 years old. The reasons that I was given this name is because I was born with crystal blue hair and eyes, and because my mother know a little Japanese. But right now I have long black hair and equally dark eyes. My mom and dad always say that I cannot tell others that I had blue hair when I was born. Why I do not know, they do not tell me. We are three in my family, my mom, my dad and me. We live in a small town called Sea village on an island in the sea which is a few miles off the shore. Our house is an American-style one with white walls and my room is decorated in blue and white. I have a grey bed with either blue or white sheets. We are three everyday normal people in my family who all love the sea. Or at least I thought i was normal until yesterday.

The alarm rang at 7:00 I got up, put on my glasses, my navy blue short-sleeved shirt and a pair of blue short jeans. After that I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and put my hair up in a ponytail. I went back to pack my gym clothes before I went down the stairs to the hall and put the bag next to my shoes. I then went to the kitchen where I took milk from the fridge and poured it along with flakes in a bowl. I sat down at the lonely table and ate, no one had come down for breakfast yet.

“Aoi, then do you start again?”

Asked my mom who came in to the kitchen and started the coffee boiler.


I said with a full mouth.

“Then you have to hurry because it’s half an hour left and it takes twenty minutes for you to go to school.” (Mom)

I stood up and went out to the hall where I took my light blue jacket, my blue shoes and my bag. I was met by a sun when I opened the door. It was in the middle of spring. I’m in grade 9 on Sea village school, which you attend from grade 0 to grade 9. Then you go either to Sea village high school or at a high school on the mainland.

After a little while, I was on the school grounds. When I arrived at entrance Cindy and her gang of two more girls stood there taking to each other. They turned their heads towards me and stared menacingly.

Cindy is a tall beautiful girl, unlike me who am of normal height and have a normal look, with long beautiful straight dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I walked by them towards my locker and opened it to take out the things I needed for the first class of the day. Cindy and her gang walked by me and gave me three hard shoulder hits from behind, one each, while they said:

“You are standing in the way, jerk!”.

I went to the classroom with a pain in my shoulder. When I came into our medium-sized, brown-colored classroom Cindy and her gang stood by Cindy’s desk and talked. They probably chatted about things that Cindy wanted or they chatted about that I was a complete dork, but I did not care and looked around in the classroom.

There, at the back of the classroom on the west side sat Ken in his place, staring out at the sports ground through a window. Ken is a boy from japan with black hair and eyes and a small attractive face. I’ve been in love with Ken since he got here in sixth grade, but I have not dared to ask if he wants to go out with me yet. If I only think that we might be separated in a few weeks I start to shudder. Who knows, he might have chosen a high school on the mainland. I sat down in my seat and thought:

Why can’t I just ask if he wants to go out with me. It’s probably because deep down I know that I’m a loner.

I sighed, and a minute later, Mr Plus came in with very straight glasses. Mr Plus is my clumsy homeroom teacher who also teaches math. Everyone calls him clumsy Mr Plus as a nick name. My classmates sat down by their desks.

“First, we check if all is here, Cindy!” (Mr Plus).


Cindy replied with a bored tone. She was probably disappointed to have been interrupted in the talk with her friends.

I looked out on the sport ground to see what Ken had looked at previously while Mr Plus continued to list the names. I am, after all, the last on the class list so I can take it easy and relax until my name is called. One class had PE and played football on the big, grass filled soccer field.

A little further away there were a few summer houses before the supermarket and the neighborhood where I live. Even further than that was the forest, the big beach and the cliffs. If you look to the left, you see the sea with the beach and the port and if you look to the right you can see another part of the school building, where grade 0-5 goes. If you go out in the hall and look out the window you can see the sport hall and the high school next door.


Said Mr Plus loudly as he had finally arrived at my name.


I answered clearly with a clear beautiful voice.

“Well then, only one person is not here, Donald.”

Said Mr Plus with a somehow disappointed tone.

Donald was my childhood friend and he is the headmaster’s son, but right now he’s the school’s problem child and plays truant all the time.

“We start with what to do this week. This afternoon and on Thursday there will be football in PE” (Mr Plus)

The boys in the class cheered happily but for me it only meant that I would sit as a reserve and never be able to get into the match. No one wants me to join their team because they know that I have never really been good at sports.

“Then on Thursday we have final exams in math.”

All the boys, except for Ken, and some girls like Cindy’s group booed and complained when they heard this. Ken was good at many subjects so he had no reason to boo and complain.

Lessons rushed past and eventually it was lunch. It was broccoli soup for lunch. I love vegetables and I was so hungry that I took a large bowl and a big piece of bread.

I sat down at my lonely and hidden small table in a corner of the cafeteria and ate. The broccoli soup was good and had a taste of cheese. After quickly finishing gulping down the soup and the bread I went to my locker and took out my math things.

I love math, I cannot get enough of it and it’s my best subject. In all other subjects, I get a C or a D but in math I can get a B or A.

I sat down at my seat inside the home classroom and after two math problems I sighed. I didn’t really feel up to math at the moment and after lunch it’s football but I continued.

It’ll be nice when the school ends after sport ten minutes to two. I thought to myself.

After another ten maths problems it was half past one and it was twenty minutes till PE began. I’d rather be in the locker room before everyone else so I took my things and went to my locker, fetched the bag and took off towards the gym.

After changing my clothes in a lonely locker room, I went out and sat on the bleachers and waited for the others. When everyone had arrived and changed, Mrs Smith, our lazy sports teacher came. She made the teams and then sat down on the bleachers.

Mrs Smith is the kind of teacher who does not really care how we do it as long as we do the sports and exercises she wants us to do, in other words a carefree teacher.

 When it was ten minutes to two, Mrs. Smith had gone back to school and I’d switched back to my regular clothes. As I went out of the dressing room Cindy pushed me hard, almost hard enough to make me fall on my butt.

“See you behind the sports hall”

Cindy whispered mockingly. She did not have to whisper, everyone already knew that she was using me as a money bank to buy makeup and clothes.

I clenched my right fist lightly and then went to the back of the gym. There I stood obediently and waited while my clenched fist was tightening. The wind blew a little now, so that the trees between the gym and the high school were swaying. The sun still shone since this morning.

It has not always been like this between Cindy and me. It started in seventh grade when I had gotten myself a pair of glasses, I do not know the cause, it just started then, maybe she is jealous or something.

Cindy came with her gang members. In Cindy’s left hand was a bucket of water that she threw at me and made me soaking wet.

“You are my best friend..”

Cindy began as usual.

“… so can’t you give me fifty dollars to buy new makeup or maybe a new dress?”

I put my hand in my pocket and then gave Cindy fifty dollar that she tore out of my grasp.

“You have been more obedient now than in seventh grade”(Cindy)

She set off towards the school but before she had even gone two meters, I had lifted up my right arm as if I wanted to slap the air. The next second, both Cindy and two friends were also soaked in water. I froze from shock and they turned and stared at me. After a scceound, Cindy asked me:

“What did you do to me you little four eyes? And have your eyes and your hair turned a little blue?” (Cindy)


I snapped out of the shock, ran past Cindy, entered the school and opened the first door I saw. It was the door to a dark detergent smelling broom closet, all alone and breathless i stood there, staring down at my hands and thought about what happened out there.

Really, I have powers?

Then I looked up, it looked like there was someone else in here. I lit the lamp with the button that I had found on my left side. There was a mirror, and in the mirror was a girl with crystal blue hair and crystal blue eyes. She had the same type of glasses that I had and she also had the same face. Her face showed a surprised expression. It took a while before I realized that it was my own reflection.

When I was walking home from school twenty minutes later, I had changed into my athletic clothes again and my hair was dry. My hair and my eyes had even gone back to their usual black color. And later when I was at home I had a hot bath in my clear blue bathroom upstairs beside my room.

I hadn’t said anything to my mum and dad. I didn’t want to bother them with my problems in school. To them I was a kind and gentle little girl who had no problems with her studies, except for sports. When I laid in bed after dinner with my pajamas on, I sighed one more time before I fell asleep.

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