TOW Chapter 4: My Blue Cave

The next day started with me going up early to look at the cave again. Actually it was a Saturday so I didn’t have any school today but later in the afternoon I would go shopping with my parents on the mainland.

Inside the cave was crystal blue stones in the same color as my hair then I’m a mermaid. I wonder, can this have something to do with me turning into mermaid, I thought out loud since nobody could hear me anyway. The cave was big and the floor was covered by sand. The wall had small holes so that it looked like a weird bookshelf. In one of the shelves I saw some things I didn’t see yesterday. It was a old book and a bracelet with the same kind of stone that the wall has. On the book’s cover The Mermaid was written with a rainbow-coloured ink. I had never seen anything like it before. I opened the book and read through the chapters. It stood things about life as a mermaid, like how to not get discovered or how to flee from being captured. There also was weird potion recipes and all was written in a more modern writing even thought the book was very old. Among the potions was a potion to forget. That’s a useful potion if I want to hide from Dr. Raft, I thought. The clock on my arm had turned eleven and the boat will go to the mainland at twelve so I had to leave the cave and go to the port.

Then I arrived at the port and had dried of, hidden of course, I met Dr. Raft sitting there on her boat staring into space.

”Did you find out anything?” I asked.

”Not a thing.” She said. ”Who are you anyway?”

”Ahh, do you remember when you had a meeting in the school. I was the young girl who was the 9th grade representative at that meeting and yesterday I was the one who said that I had seen a sea monster. My name is Aoi by the way.”

”So that’s why you wanted to know if I had found something?” Dr. Raft asked.

”Yeah” I said awkwardly and walked away with an red face. Mom and dad arrived and we boarded the boat just in time for departing.

We arrived at the mainland exactly at 12:45. We first went into a restaurant by the port called Sea fish. It was a nice restaurant decorated in a blue colour and as the name suggests it was only fish coming from the sea on the menu. I chose oven made salmon with chips, salad and some kind of weird dressing that I had never tasted before. It was really tasty and I ate it all up.

As we started to walk the streets scouting for a good shop I encountered something surprising. It was a festival, we didn’t know it would be a festival that day so we asked someone what was happening and he said that it was the mermaid festival and that made me even more surprised. Apparently there’s a legend of a mermaid living in the sea around here and then they heard that something like a mermaid appeared on our island and then they decided to have a festival for the mermaid. Basically the festival was for me. Anyway we walked along the festival road and found many good stands where I could buy my dress for the last day in school party. I found a nice blue one with short sleeves and a long “skirt”. I bought it and cause we had done what we came for, we left the festival towards the port.

The boat left the port at 16:15 so we arrived at the island port at 17:00 o’clock. Then we arrived Dr. Rafts boat wasn’t there. She had probably gotten her energy back and has already started to explore around the island again.

It was a sunny Sunday morning and I walked slowly along the beach side looking down at the clear crystal blue water. I looked up for a moment and saw Ken running along the roadside on my left side. I didn’t dare to shout after him. After all if he didn’t help me back then he wouldn’t ever talk to or notice me. I started to run into the water not noticing Ken looking my way.

After a while I arrived at my secret cave and had transformed back into my human form. The mermaid was still in it’s bookshelf where I had put it before running of to the port yesterday. I took it out of the shelf and started to examine it more closely. After examining the book I lifted up the bracelet I had found yesterday and put it on my right arm. Suddenly I felt power flow all over my body like the bracelet was truly made just for me. I was kind of shocked yet at the same time I got a calm feeling about it. After staring at the bracelet for a while, I jumped down into the water. It felt really good to swim though the water looking at the fish swimming past me. I swum farther and farther away into the ocean looking at my surroundings.

After swimming around for at least two hours I were back at the island. I hid myself behind some algae covered rocks at the side of the cliff and turned back into my human form. Then I ran into the deep green-brown forest and arrived at my neighbourhood. There were a few people and cars in the streets. The only people were a mother and her child and and old pair. They looked at me as I ran by them directly to my house. My house is only a few hundred meters from the forest. I opened the house door and went in thinking, that was nice. After saying hello to my mother I went to my room and laid down in my bed for at least twenty minutes before my mom shouted me down to eat. We ate some spaghetti with some kind of salmon sauce with cream. It was actually kind of nice since I like salmon, it’s my most favourite fish.

The rest of the day I was locked up in my room doing homework like math and choosing the topic for the English presentation. Since the topic was the sea I chose swimming and after gathering some info I started to write down what to say and how to present it. As for math I just did some equations and such.

After eating dinner I went up to my room again just to fall in thought on my bed. I thought about things like school, Ken, mermaids and much other things. I also started to wonder if there was a love potion in the mermaid book I could use that on Ken. But after thinking a little I came to realize that it’s an really evil thing to do. Love is pure when it isn’t made by magic. You shouldn’t force anyone to love you.

After a while I fell asleep with my clothes on and without brushing my teeth.

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