TOW Chapter 6: Love Trouble Part 2

What the hell!? I woke up the next morning thinking that all was a dream, but it wasn’t. Feeling weird I went down to the kitchen and got breakfast. The breakfast was the rest of the pancakes from the day before. It was nice, a little cold but otherwise nice.

After almost eating up all my pancakes I took a glance at the clock. I was late! Really late. I went back to my room dressed myself and then went down the stairs with only half of my shirt on. I ran out the door with my jacket hanging on my right arm.

It was a real mess then I arrived at the school. The most ”beautiful” girl in the school came all roughed up. The guys thought I had been attacked by a group of jealous girl groupies. I just told them that I had a bad day. They asked me many questions of what had happened and looked really worried. I was shocked at how they reacted. The guys stared at me the whole day, it got really irritating. Suddenly words appeared in my head, THE BOOK! Why didn’t I think of that before?

Instead of going home after school I went directly to the cave. While inside the cave I studied the book carefully to find something I could use to stop this nonsense. Of course I mean the boys telling me that they love me nonsense. In the book I found a chapter about it. A whole ten pages chapter. There it stood things like that in the time you have “that” in each month you spread out hormones that attracts men. No wonder I have boys following me, I thought.

“So I will experience this kind of thing every month huh?” I said out loud since no one could hear me anyway.

“I really wonder who made this book? The book looks old yet it has modern writings inside and that really make one wonder.” I gave out a faint sigh and dipped my feet into the water turning them to a tail. Hopefully my life wouldn’t get weirder than it already is. I anyway hope that my love life won’t get in trouble ’cause I became a mermaid. Maybe I should use the power I have to make my life easier. But I hate the way guys drool over me, it’s just to disgusting, yet it has a nice feeling to it in some ways and I am happy that Ken didn’t get affected. I bet Cindy is really pissed about all this, I mean I the nerdy honor student (kind of) suddenly got really popular. I wonder what happened to Dr. Raft, I haven’t seen her for two days. Not like it matters I don’t want her near me then I am attracting this many guys. I thought while turning the pages of the book.

Leaving the book behind I swum out of the cave with a speed of 100 km/h and without realizing it I arrived at the beach. The sky was orange and filled with seagulls yelling at each other. You could smell the salt from the sea that was surrounding me.

After finding a good place, not to far away from my house, I dried myself of and entered the side walk on the road that goes parallel with the beach. As I made my way towards my street I heard the sound of a motor bike driving towards me from behind. I looked back to see who was coming towards me even through I was kind of scared and tense.

The one on the bike was Ken! Why would he be here on this side of the island driving his bike along the beach? And at this time day too, most people are home eating dinner right now. As if suddenly noticing me he flinched, why did he flinch?, and stopped in front of me.

“Want to ride?” He asked me with a light smile.

“Can I?”

“Of course, if you couldn’t I wouldn’t have asked.” He made a gesture as if telling me to jump on. I nervously made my way up on the bike and put my hand around his waist so that I wouldn’t fall off.

It didn’t take long before I could feel the wind making my hair outside the helmet float over my back.

“This feels so good!”

“I know right!” Ken said, it appeared that he had heard me. I thought he wouldn’t be able to hear me.

Arriving at my house I said goodbye to Ken with a wave of my hand and went inside to eat dinner. Amazing, to think I would meet Ken out there and to think that he would ask me to ride with him. Awesome, I thought while stuffing food into my mouth. I ran up the stairs after dinner to relax and to start building up my presentation. I put beautiful pictures of the see in it and wrote about swimming as a sport, as a free-time and as work. When i was satisfied I walked over to my bed, put on my pajama and went right to sleep.

Next morning i arouse from my bed with sleepy eyes and dressed myself in my red shirt and tight shorts. I walked toward the my window a window directed out towards the wide see and looked out through it. In an hour school would start and I would get another troublesome day of jealous girls and guys swarming around me. It is seriously tiring and exhausting. I ate a light breakfast before I left for school, dragging my feet out the door.

The first lesson was math with Mr Plus. The guys stared at me with even more lustfull eyes than yesterday. I honestly felt scared and on top of it Mr Plus had a bad announcement, for me, to make.

“Uhum, I’m glad to announce that this class has been invited by the society of science to visit Dr Raft’s laboratory.”Plus said sounding proud.

Oh shit, why now when I’m attracting this many men. She would start too suspect me. Ah I really don’t want this.

|This was a short chapter, you probably are pretty annoyed by me not publishing anything. But yeah many things have been happening this last few months. My grandmother got cancer, I got my hands full with school, I worked this summer etc.

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