Birthdate and year: 15th may 1998

Gender: Female

Job: Jobless atm(or Student ambassador at Luleå University of Technology if it counts).

Studying; Civilengineering – Common Entrence at Luleå University of Technology.

Hobbies: watching anime and cartoons, reading manga and Asian novels.

Driver’s license: not yet TAT

YouTube channel: Sakuraid

Twitch: Sakuraid

Most active at Toram Online Forum

Discord Server

I may be Swedish but I don’t like coffee so send me a cookie.

Welcome to another world of hobby story writing and translating!

Little Ajummas

K&C Translations

Hell's Gate

A Scanlation Hell

Chestnut Translations

translating chapters slowly but surely

Dreams of Jianghu

Novel Translations


Translating my thoughts one post at a time...

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