Birthdate and year: 15th may 1998

Gender: Female

Job: Jobless atm(or Student ambassador at Luleå University of Technology if it counts).

Studying; Civilengineering – Common Entrence at Luleå University of Technology.

Hobbies: watching anime and cartoons, reading manga and Asian novels.

Driver’s license: not yet TAT

YouTube channel: Sakuraid

Twitch: Sakuraid

Most active at Toram Online Forum

Discord Server

I may be Swedish but I don’t like coffee so send me a cookie.

Welcome to another world of hobby story writing and translating!

Hell's Gate

A Scanlation Hell

Meh Translations

'Meh' as in idgaf (unless constructive criticism), not the bloody sheep

Chestnut Translations

translating chapters slowly but surely

Dreams of Jianghu

Novel Translations


Translating my thoughts one post at a time...

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