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I’m sorry 2-3 days ago I got a sore throat and that in turn developed into a cold which thanks to me only being able to sleep 2 hours (after effect of working 12h night last weekend+sore throat I think) then developed into a fever, chapter 15 may not come out this weekend… Sorry. And my last week at the work that has occupied my time ended with only 1.5h… and that was yesterday, took sick leave today…. I hope I get well soon.

1S, 2L Chapter 1

I am working on chapter 15 of Ring Ring, I just wanted post this first. Chapter 15 may come out this weekend.

Oh and I have decided that every chapter on this series should be a minimum of 500 words but I can write it longer if I feel like it. This way this one could probably be released faster than Imagining Online which is set at around 2000 words. Laziness~


I ran past the neighboring convenience store in a great hurry. If the toast wasn’t missing it would look like I was running to bump into a girl.

But I’m not, I’m wholeheartedly hurrying to school. I don’t want to be late again…

I finally got past the nearby playground, from here it is only a 2 minutes run left to school and I have 10 minutes left until the first lesson starts.

I’ll make it.




The one who said that as I glided in front of the classroom door was my childhood friend since kindergarten, Sakamoto Kenji. He has messy spiked up hair and a lenient build, black hair and brown eyes.

Giving me a wide grin he said;


「Barely here in time today again, huh Kamiya Eiji-kun? Are you trying to beat a record or something?」


I glanced Kenji in the eye and then answered him while walking towards my desk. He followed behind me to sit by his desk that was beside me.


「Nah, you know me. It is my hobby that keeps getting me late.」


Well, in fact Kenji doesn’t know me to 100%, he doesn’t know my secret. My other life.

Well I’ll be to embarrassed to tell him about it, and there is no guarantee that he will believe me.


「Is that so? Then, how was it? What happened to make you risk getting late today?」


「Well, Federick finally got his revenge on his father. By stealing all his valuables and women.」


「Oh so you got there! I thought it would take you a week to get there but you only took 3 days. No wonder you were late.」


At that moment their homeroom teacher Tsuji Kanade entered the classroom and everyone got seated.


「Today we have a transfer student entering this class. Come on in and introduce yourself.」


(A transfer student? Why now, two months into the semester?)


I thought looking at the door into the classroom to see what the transfer student looks like.


It was a girl, she had waist long obsidian black hair, a sharp yet delicate nose, yet black eyes that takes you in and a well formed face with delicate lips. Her skin was light colored but not ghostlike and seemed very soft, her height looked to be between 160 to 165 cm by a rough estimate, I will only mention that her three sizes are moderate. In other words she was an asian beauty.


Ok let’s pause the story there, I haven’t told you about myself much yet. As I said in the prologue I’m a 16 year old Japanese high school boy but also a 16 years old dukes daughter in another world called【Alastair】.


My male self has black short messy hair, average black eyes, sharp yet not too sharp nose, a nice mouth and to top it all off a little rounded face with glasses.

The height is about 168cm and my body build is on the weak side. I have an father, mother and a younger brother.


My male self interests lay in fantasy stories and manga, whenever shounen or should it doesn’t matter. As long as it has a world that is a bit similar to Alastair then I’m good. Chinese Novels are interesting at times too.


My female self have like the girl who just entered waist long hair, but the color is platinum blond and my eyes are sky blue with a tough look that I had received from my father the duke.

Who I got my hair color from? Of course it was from my beautiful duchess mother, my father has a normal blond color. I may say normal but it actually isn’t as common as on Earth, rather over there people are born with more variety of hair colors like green, blue, pink etc.

My female facial features can be seen as beautiful but it isn’t as beautiful as the female in front of me but my female self is taller, about 172cm, and her body figure is a bit better.


The interests for my female self is actually painting, to create life on the canvas is fascinating. Once when I painted earth with it’s tall buildings, cars and airplanes I got taken as a genius. Everyone thought I had painted gods land.

Tall buildings that was impossible to build with that world’s technology, metal carts that moves without any horses and metal lumps flying in the sky. Even though Alastair has magic it was something unbelievable for them.

Of course I didn’t try to refute them, after all how could I explain where I got it from?


Now that I have told you a bit about myself let’s continue on with the story.


「My name is Hinata Yuuri, because of family circumstances I have just come back from England. Please take care of me.」


The girl said bowing deeply to the class.


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1S, 2L Prologue

Running by the street, hurrying towards the school because of oversleeping can seem like something classic. In fact, it is quite classic, but what isn’t classic in the nowadays modern world is sitting inside a big old european looking mansion letting your personal attendant brush your long hair that reaches as far as to the hips.

Outside that very mansion are a group of men dressed in silver colored armors and blue red mantles swinging their swords and another group of both men and women dressed in blue red robes, swinging their staffs and making various elements fly.

Yep, the first image is from the world you may be living in now while the second image is what you would identify as a fantasy world of swords and magic. A fantasy world is classic itself but the modern world should for you come out as so classic that you are unaware of it.

Here is the thing,『I』live in both worlds.

You didn’t read wrongly, I live in two worlds at the same time. Let’s see here how should I describe it… I have two bodies, or lives, but only one consciousness, and I can freely move between my two bodies at will.

One body is in a country called【Flamra】and is a noble 16 year old Oujo-sama in the fantasy world called【Alastair】while the other one is a Japanese, 16 year high school boy on【Earth】. Like you read I’m both male and female in a way.

I have been like this since birth, in both worlds, but back when I was a small baby and child I couldn’t control this power or whatever it is. To control it and being able to switch at will is something I started to learn when my mind had developed to a certain degree at the age of three, for both my bodies.

I put some burden on my parents back then, because I didn’t understand the difference between the two lives, or bodies. In fact I acted sometimes like a guy when I was in my Oujo-sama body and like an Oujo-sama in my guy body.

My Oujo-sama self’s duke father and duchess mother got worried and searched up some weird priest to get me exorcised. While my boy self’s father and mother went with me to a Psychologist to help me.

They were worried that I would grow up wrongly. Oh and that happened around the age of 5 for both lives. After that, I who had developed a certain degree of consciousness managed to realize that they were two separate lives and I had to act accordingly to which body I am in.

I act and feel like a female when I’m on my female body, I also prefer guys over girls as love interests. While in my male body I don’t have the same preferance, rather I prefer girls over guys. So my love interests depends on what body I am currently in.

You might maybe ask me『If you are not in both bodies at the same time then what happens to the other body that you aren’t currently inside?』well in fact, the time in the world the body is in stops. Besides I switch bodies when I sleep. When my male body sleeps, I am in my female body awake and both time runs, as soon as I get to sleep in my female body my make body wakes up. You might get a more deeper question『From what this person has told me so far what would happen if he only stayed in one body?』.

If I stay in only one body for a long time I might be somehow forced by my『power』to my other body and then the time of the world of the body would somehow speed up a little as if to match the other world. The maximum time I can stay in one body is about one year.

To prevent the speeding up of time or being forced to the other body I regularly switch with the maximum period of one week. I will only stay in one body for more than that on rare occasions.

While my boy self properly goes to school and all and is hanging out with friends and such my Oujo-sama self do not receive any proper schooling. She is not being taught math and such rather she is being taught, or was taught reading, writing, instruments, and swordsmanship for elegance and self protection. Of course she was taught how to ride a horse too. My Oujo-sama self is actually at this moment at the end of the still almost daily swordsmanship training.

Well it was then I decided to stay as my guy self so time over there is currently stopped. I’m currently in the scenario I mentioned in the beginning, running as fast as I can towards the school because I overslept.


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Current voting result new story

So false accusation of betrayal huh, I got something good for that *laughs evily*. Since the 3rd party opinion wasn’t chosen the 3rd party gender is invalid.
Noble wins! I thought maybe a princess but meh this is ok. Ah gender, I’m going against this one, in the beginning it pointed at Boy/Girl/(Boy) so I have already made up a plan for that. Besides I think it would suit the story more than Girl/Boy, I could make a side or short story with that setting though. Sorry Girl/Boy and all who voted on it.
Yep sleeping and stop at will will make my story function better, you guys made a great choice. Mix of names huh, already noted. Now let me rewrite the prologue a bit. The prologue will be out on Monday at the latest I hope.

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RR Chapter 14: Krust is Coming

Things didn’t happen as I imagined when I first started translating Ring Ring. Well I can only wait together with you guys for the right moment.

I typesetted and some manga shorts of Arifureta (chapter 1 of the comical short), you can read it here:

Oh and please please look at my next post, especially those who have voted. It isn’t a Ring Ring chapter but the results of the voting. Oh and here is a new one, focusing on the names. I will announce the name voting result next week so make sure to read that post then. The prologue of the new story is already written, avoiding names and after I have announced name voting results I will write a synopsis which I will release as soon as it is done together with a new page.

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Translator: Sakuraid (& Google-sensei)

Editor: Intel & Sakuraid



On that day, as usual, Krust Orfeld came to the king’s side, and did his work as a guard.

The soon to be fifty-three year old king had a very energetic spirit and was quite active. He enjoyed going out hunting and waving his sword at opponents.

His physique was solid and his personality pleasant, at first glance he gave of a rough impression, but in reality he was a very kind and diligent character, Krust respected him.

Krust thought that it was a happy thing that he was able to serve such a lord as a knight, but somewhere inside he didn’t feel satisfied with the way his everyday was. Three years ago, ever since he came back from that world, this feeling had been going on constantly.

The king walked through the castle’s corridors towards the lunchroom. Behind him Krust and the other guards followed. The maidens who passed them by looked at them would often throw short glances at them.

A row of maids passed by halfway down the corridor and rounded the edge by the end.

“Krust-sama, he is as handsome as always.”


After Krust passed them, he could hear whispers. He was not arrogant, but since he heard such things everyday, Krust continued walking without changing his expression.

“So nice~, to be popular.”

His colleague next to him said with a envious tone. This, in the same way, was also normal.

He would often get angry and say such things as “luxury!” to his colleagues, Krust had the favor of many women, but what was there to be pleased about when one could not turn around and have a favorite woman.

In Krusts case, even if he turned around, that person was a resident of a different world. So it was even worse.


As he heard footsteps coming from behind him, he turned around and saw a young knight running towards him. The young knight had cried out in a loud voice, but Krust turned around again saying “What happened?” While still walking behind the king.

“Syllabus is calling for you.”

“Sensei is?”

Krust was taken aback by the call from such an unexpected person. He had known Syllabus, who was a exclusive doctor for the order for a long time. This was because Krust had once been badly injured when he was young and Syllabus had been the one to take care of him. Since they were both of nobility there was also a connection between their houses.

Also, after he had returned from Japan with Garrell’s transmission magic, he had recovered under Syllabus monitoring for several days. This was because they had wanted to see if there were any side-effects of the transmission magic.

Since the fact that Krust was transferred was kept a secret from the public, Syllabus was among the few people that knew of it, besides the king, Garrell, and a few others.

But this time he did not know why Syllabus had called him.

“Ah, that said …”

The king who was walking in front spoke to the confused Krust.

“I have been asked to lend you to Syllabus, go on break for the day.”

“…As you wish.”

Krust nodded without knowing the whole picture. As both Syllabus and the king had told him to go, it could not be avoided. Leaving his colleagues behind Krust quickly walked through the hallway.

After he knocked on and opened the doors to the medical office, he saw Syllabus was waiting for him inside.

“Yaa~, Orfeld-kun. How are you?”

“Yes, I’m fine, but … did you need me?”

When Krust asked Syllabus gently smiled and answered in his usual tone.

“Would you like to have lunch together for the first time in a while? Well go eat in town. Of course, I will pay.”

“…Then, spare your words.”

Although it seemed unusual, Krust accepted the invitation obediently, as he saw no reason to refuse. The two left the medical carriage and boarded a carriage prepared by Syllabus, heading towards the capital.

“But, why so suddenly?”

Upon arriving at the city’s main street, Krust was the first to get off the horse carriage. He then waited while supporting Syllabus hands as he came down after Krust.

“It’s good to go out occasionally, since you came to be called a hero, we have had less opportunities to speak.”

After Syllabus stretched his spine using his cane, he led Krust. “Come, let’s go to a familiar store of mine.”

Krust wore a dagger for self-defense, but he always had his sword strapped by his side anyway. He had taken of his elegant clothes and now he felt great. He wanted to attract as little attention as possible because he was not in the city to work.

However,  silver-haired and well-equipped as he was, even though he wasn’t in Japan he still stood out. When he walked down the street, the citizens were astir.

“Look, there! He is…….”


“The hero”

“Really awesome!”

Although dazed women looked at him from afar, fascinated many boys walked up to him to shake hands. When he finished shaking hands while walking, his arm was pulled by a restaurant owner who said, “Since the times are good, come eat at us by all means.” But, carefully refusing it, Krust followed Syllabus.

“As usual you are popular”

Syllabus said, and Krust smiled a bit.

“Although it should be pleasing, there are times when it feels troubling.”

“Even if you are a hero, you are still a human being, it’s natural for you to react as such. I guess it can’t be helped that we are conspicuous when walking on  the main street like this, shall we go backwards?”

The two entered an alley, hiding from the clamor of the people on the street.

They then ate a delicious meal at the store Syllabus was familiar with.

“There is at place I want to go to, would you come with me?”

So it was settled, Krust easily accepted “Of course”. They moved to the east area and proceeded into an alley with a slightly suspicious atmosphere. Why would they be in such a place? Such were Krusts thoughts.

“Do you know any young female pharmacists, Orfeld?”

Syllabus abruptly asked.

“A pharmacist, is it?”

“Well, a lady still in her late teens… … I heard her name was… It was…  I should have asked for her name. She seemed like a foreigner judging by her wording and appearance, but her face was something I don’t see much in neighboring countries, so I think she came from somewhere far away.”

“A younger woman who works as a pharmacist? No, I have no such acquaintance… But who was that person?”

“In fact, she is a woman in the drugstore facing us. I have been asked by her, she wants to see you.”

Syllabus turned around looking a little sorry.

“There are a lot of women who try to approach you by saying saying such things, and you may be tired, but this woman did not look like she was telling a lie. If she really is your acquaintance, would you please meet at once?”

Indeed, while convinced this was the real purpose of Syllabus visit here, Krust smiled and nodded.

“Okay, I might have forgotten. There is a possibility we are acquainted. I will meet her, the shop where she is was close to us, wasn’t it?”

“Yes. But first I should apologize, since you might not have come if I told you this, I had to lie a little. Although…”

Then Syllabus laughed and continued.

“I will tell you, I did not treat you to lunch so it would be harder for you to refuse my request of seeing her. As you usually seem very busy, so I just wanted to see that you could get some time off.”

“Thank you. As you said, I do not have time to eat slowly with guard work, so I got a good breather.”

“That’s good… Oh, here it is.”

Syllabus feet suddenly stopped in front of a shop with a small sign that said pharmacy.

“Since I heard about the reputation of the medicine from this store, I ordered a wound medicine etc. when I visited before. I plan on receiving it today.”

Following Syllabus who opened the door to the shop while talking, Krust entered.


A bad-looking man was sitting at the counter and he greeted them with a gentle voice, although he observed them from behind the counter. In the same way, Krust focused his gaze on the man behind the counter. Although his first impression was “neighborhood thug” he had a well-ordered manly appearance and and a calm air. If you asked if the man seemed like a pharmacist the answer would be no. Again, there was a suspicious atmosphere.

Krust had thought there was only that woman in this store, but it seemed to be different. It seemed that Syllabus was also not acquainted with this man, for a moment. But soon after that he smiled and spoke to the man with a gentle voice.

“Hi, are you the owner of this shop? I am Syllabus, I came to pick up the medicine I ordered last week…”

“So, you’re Syllabus?”

The man seemed surprised for some reason, he opened his eyes wide and looked at Syllabus. He then muttered to himself saying,

“Was that not a lie?”

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RR Chapter 13: Chance of Reunion

Hiya! Took a while to get this chap done, I need some of your help some pretty please go here and vote, much appreciated. Chap 14 may be delayed as well, sorry, next week is the week I got most work.

Translator: Sakuraid (with the aid of Google-sensei)

Editor: Intel & Sakuraid


In the narrow attic, which was Shiori’s current residence, there were only a bed,  some clothes, and a mirror stand. None of these were second hand goods, nor were they boring, but they had an antique atmosphere which Shiori rather liked.


When she got up in the morning, Shiori cleaned her face and prepared her dress. Sitting in front of the mirror she laughed quietly, remembering the day before yesterday, she smiled. Sea thought in her head that she hasn’t become a fool. Only, this day would be so fun.

(Finally, I can meet Krust……!)

A week had gone by since Syllabus came to the store, and today was the day he would bring Krust to pick up the medicine he had ordered.
Shiori brushed her hair while humming a song, she could not suppress how her heart was fluttering with excitement. Even now she felt like dancing, even her anxiety about such things as Krust forgetting about it was swallowed by her great expectations.

I wonder if Krust has changed?”(TLN: Remember I means that it is spoken in japanese.)

When she saw her cheeks had been dyed peach in the mirror she shrugged to herself. Just what was so embarrassing about seeing an old “acquaintance”?
Krust was never Shiori’s lover.
When she meets him today it would be embarrassing if only she were excited. Krust might also think of it as annoying. She should be friendly but also keep her calm and play it cool.

While she thought this, feelings of joy sprung up like a fountain. She grabbed a small bottle containing perfume from on top of the mirror stand and carefully sprayed it in her hair. With this her hair became shiny and her skin felt good thanks to having gotten enough sleep every day. There were also no bags under her eyes.

“Fufu… otto”(TLN: Japanese here, otto is kinda like ops)

After, holding down her laughter, Shiori headed downstairs.

“Don’t get too happy.”

The moment she entered into the store, Roche, who was getting ready to open the store, said this to her. Shiori covered her cheeks with both hands, wondering her face really was that easy to understand.

“Different, normal, not happy.”

After looking at her with his eyes filled with suspicion, Roche went to open the shop door. She hadn’t told him, that one of this world’s heroes was coming and that she also was familiar with this hero. But Roche was intelligent.

“Well, you have been cheerful for a few days now, you aren’t calm…… Is something happening today?”

Shiori shivers even with a fire burning in the stove. Although Krust might come when Roche wasn’t home, it had still been upsetting hearing she was being too happy about it.
When she gazed at him with simple gesture, Roche took up a notebook containing the her daily schedule from the counter and looked for the day’s date.

“Speaking of today’s schedule, an example is that doctor that is coming to pick up medicine, from an order you took.”

Saying so Roche directs his line of sight towards Shiori and gave her a glance, She was tensing up. Roche laughs with a grin, still holding the notebook.

“What? Was that doctor a nice guy?”
“….not, Syllabus, much older, Grandpa!”

He was an nice gentleman, but it wasn’t love.
But Roche again threw an eye of suspicion towards Shori.

“Heee, Grandfather huh”

She wondered he seemed to think that she was lying about Syllabus’s age. Roche didn’t seem to believe that Syllabus was an elderly gentleman man at all.

“Really not, Syllabus, just a visitor!”

Roche lit a cigarette while replying like that.
While thinking that some strange misunderstandings are happening, well wonderfully, Shiori sighs. The more you desperately you deny the more suspicious it seems.


“Today, Roche, not going out?”

It was noon. Shiori saw the man sitting opposite to her by the work table having lunch by drinking soup.
Yesterday Roche was unusually in the store, so she thought he would go out as usual today, but now that seems unlikely. He also made a new aphrodisiac yesterday and he should be selling it and go to the market.

“I have a problem in the store today, is there any inconvenience?”

He was making a funny expression there, as if teasing, but Roche said it in a grumpy voice.

(Roche, I am going to stay all the time inside the shop. I’m absolutely waiting for Syllabus to come.)

It was probably interesting.
But it is true that Syllabus is an old man, so it does not matter if Roche meets him. Rather, the weird misunderstanding will be solved.
Shiori drank up the rest of her soup with vegetables and dried meat and looked up at the clock on the wall. Since Syllabus came around evening last time, would it be around then today too?
Looking at Shiori whilst cleaning away the dishes, Roche says something while biting on some bread.

“If you have finished eating, I need you to do an errand.”

With a bad face, Shiori straightened her lips. She usually goes as much as he wants to but she would like to stay in the store as much as possible today.
Yet she couldn’t utter such selfish things since she is employed. While bending her eyebrows, Shiori reluctantly listens.

“Errand, what?”
“Puput, five.”

Roshe opens his palm and hold up five fingers. Putput is the name of a fruit that is commonly circulated in this country. Usually it is peeled and eaten, but what Roche wants is its skin. Puput skin is contains ingredients for improving blood flow and can be used in a various amount of medicines. As to Shiori, it is now a familiar fruit.

After receiving money from Roche, she got ready to go out with her basket. There is still some time before the evening when Syllabus will come, and is she hurries to the fruit shop and buy some puput she would be back in twenty minutes. Go quickly and then hurry home.
Yet she didn’t want to miss the opportunity to meet Kurst, so just in case, Shiori asked Roche.

“If Syllabus arrive, have them him for a while. Please ask him to stay until I return.”

Roche nodded, “I understand” though he misled that he was eager and enthusiastic. Shiori who saw that was relieved.

“Well, I’ll be back.”

She quickly left the store.

But it was just after that, that Syllabus appeared in the store. – From the direction opposite to what Shiori went running, accompanied by a silver haired knight, the timing was bad.

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RR Chapter 12: Secret Medicine

Chapter 12 finally out, it was supposed to be out with chapter 10 and 11 but it wasn’t finished and when my editor finished his work I postponed making my finishing fixing and stuff because of jetlag. I got work (my job not tling) and ended it about 3 hours ago and now I will go to sleep, 1:45am here in Sweden. By the way I got another awesome inspiration for a story that I want to write.

Another impulse….

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Added in an edit: by the way I got thinking in Japanese and thinking and saying Ara ararara and such all day and I couldn’t stop! I have no idea why I even started. Well I found out that I know a lot of japanese words at least (don’t know how to write and read then thou that is what I am trying to learn.).

Translator: Sakuraid (Google)

Editor: Intel, Sakuraid


“Thank you, this was very helpful.”

The day after Syllabus had come to the store, Shiori went to the castle with a perfectly dried cloak. She handed over the carefully folded cloak to the gatekeeper who stood by the gate as usual. In fact she had thought she should bring something as a token of gratitude, but Shiori unfortunately did not have any money. She had used her salary for the necessary items for her life in this new world. If life became a little bit stable for her, she decided she would come thank him again. This was what Shiori decided.

“No, no… … You really don’t have to thank me.”

The gatekeeper seemed upset by Shiori’s appearance, even so, he stood up and received the cloak.

“Are you okay, is there something wrong?”

Shiori tilted her head and looked into his face, it felt funny. However, the gatekeeper turned to the side as if avoiding her. While lying back against the wall, he said what it was.

“Oh, no! It’s okay! There’s nothing wrong.”

“…..Is that so?”

No, there was clearly something wrong, but while thinking Shiori drew closer to him. It may be because she suddenly drew closer to him, however he stepped backwards and expressed shock even though he shouldn’t.

It may be that she was hated because she had constantly been coming there looking for Krust, Shiori guessed.

“Well, goodbye. Sorry. That, truly, thank you.”

Thanking him once more, and leaving the palace no longer needing to linger around. Since she had asked Syllabus about Krust, she did not have to persist on persuading the guard. She did not want to disturb his work, while thinking such a thing Shiori left.

“Oh, wait …”

The voice of the gatekeeper became quiet and was nearly drowned out by the laughter of the other gatekeeper saying “Pfft… …” But none of this reached Shiori who had quickly left the castle.



When Shiori returned to the shop, the sign that was supposed to say closed said open, inside Roche sat at the counter smoking a cigarette. As he went out in the morning Shiori had thought he would not come home until evening as usual.

“What? Roche, why?”

“Is it bad for a shop owner to be at his own?”

While checking the sales of the shop, he said that with an idiosyncratic tone.

“Because, unusual.”

“Because you told me you were going outside, I came back to my house. So, where did you go?”

Roche’s tone was rough, but there were no nuances of blaming Shiori, there was no feeling of blame. It seemed more like Roche was worried about Shiori going out alone. Shiori wanted to be honest with him, but decided against it.

“Only … … towards the main street,”

She lied, because it was obvious he would ask “what for?” If she said “I went to the castle”.


Roche was turning pages in his book and didn’t seem to doubt Shiori. Shiori was confused, should she tell Roche she was from a different world, that she was familiar with the her Krust? They had been living together and she thought Roche was a reliable person, regardless of his appearance. But it does take awhile to decide if she should or shouldn’t divulge her secret to him.

If she remembered correctly, Krust had told her that going to other worlds was not common even in this magical country. Although it seemed like everyone believed there were other worlds, so Roche surely would. If she told him “I came from a different world and I am acquainted with Krust…” Would he just be amazed or would he say something like, “A different world and knowing the hero? What are you saying” … He probably would.

Roche had also not tried to dig further into where she was from, and he didn’t seem particularly interested. So it may be better to confess when she or Krust felt they were in need of another world trip or Krust was absent. This is what Shiori decided.

“Oh yeah, Odom’s fruit and Carleson, Rickory, we are going to buy those. Yesterday I received an order from a doctor. I spread it on a Zaru and it is being dried in the backyard.”(TLN: Maybe some help?this is a really weird one:「そういえばオドムの実とカレソン、リッコリー、仕入れといたぞ。昨日、医者から注文受けたってやつ。ザルに広げて、裏庭に干してあるからな」)

Roche closed his book and extinguished his cigarette.

“I understand”

Roche seemed to be in a good mood since he had gotten a large order the day before. He also praised Shiori and said “I’ll buy a cake.” While hoping that Roche would not forget this promise Shiori started working. After taking off her coat and putting an apron on she put herbs in a pot and cooked it. It was different from the order she received from Syllabus, this was a different medicine. Roche had told her it was a medicine she had made before, all she had to do was boil the water and add a few kinds of herbs and honey. Then she had to filter it and remove the herbs and other germs.Then she had to add color powder to the pale yellow-green transparent liquid and it would become…

“Whenever I see it, it is all colors.”

Shiori muttered in Japanese. When she put the cooled medicine into a beautiful glass bottle, a thick ink liquid swayed amidly.

She had been told “You can make it like this” by Roche, but she didn’t know what medicine it was, but she knew the medicine was different from other medicine.

First of all, the medicine would later be collected by Roche and not lined up at the store. Coloring, adding honey, putting it in a bottle of fresh glass that was different from others. She thought that honey was used as a preservative instead of a sterilizing effect, but it seems it was simply used to sweeten the medicine.

(I’m afraid of what this medicine might be… It’s scary to make medicines that I don’t understand the true purpose of, but I don’t think it’s a potion, because of the herbs used.)

While thinking such a thing, Shiori watched Roche sit at the counter reading a difficult book. As usual, it is bad that this can’t be seen as much of a healthy pharmacy.

“Roche, question.”

Pouring the pink liquid into a small bottle with a dropper, Roche responded with a simple “Huh?”, even if he spoke with a disinterested tone, Shiori did not falter as she knew this was his usual tone.

“What is this, what is the medicine effective for?”

Roche closed the glass lid and shook the small bottle in his hand.

“Do you really want to hear it?”

“I want to hear”

“You can’t turn back once you hear it.”


Roche smiled nastily which made Shiori get a cold sweat, wondering if she really should have asked.

“Don’t let it get to you that much, it’s just an aphrodisiac.”


“It’s a drug that amplifies libido and sharpens the body’s senses.”


“It’s a medicine used for the night’s act, women often drink it.”

Shiori silently stared at the liquid in the small bottle, she wouldn’t expect that from that color.

“Use honey, on purpose?”

Shiori raised her face and asked Roche. Whenever you took this medicine it would have a sweet scent which would make your head smoother. Since honey is a bit expensive you can’t use it extensively, but it makes the fragrance of the flower spread and melt thoughts. Roche’s lips curved upwards as if he was satisfied with Shiori’s conclusion.

“That’s right, it’s supposed to have a sweet taste and smell, even the color is intentional.  It’s supposed to make you think “This medicine must have a great effect judging from it’s appearance and taste.””

Shiori was convinced this was a placebo effect. It is said that if you believe Ramune is cold medicine, it will help you recover.

Actually, in addition to this, there was another medicine that she had made without knowing its purpose, this medicine was colored bright red, she had mixed things like purple cold peppers into it and it smelled spicy. She wanted to know the details of this medicine as well.

“Well, one more … … red medicine, effect, what?”

“That is an energetic agent, a drug that makes a man feel better”


That was all Shiori could say, she felt dizzy having made medicine like that without knowing it.

“Well… ….I’d like to ask you about it. Is this a crime? Aren’t we going to be caught?”

“It’s okay, you’ll only be punished if the medicine you drink is too strong. That’s why we’re suppressing the effect on purpose. If you don’t risk it being a crime you can make money.”

Well, Shiori thought, in this regard Roche was reliable. He was intelligent and could think of ways to make money, because of that there was no need to cross the dangerous bridge of selling bad drugs.

While thinking about such a thing, Shiori noticed, Roche often goes out to sell this medicine.

She asked about it, and Roche gently nodded without removing his eyes from the book.

“As we take care of familiar customers we are also always looking for more customers. The owner of the brothel who I was eating together with at the hotel the first time I met you, he’s also a customer.”

A memory she had repressed and been revived, Shiori’s face stiffened.

But, she did also admire Roche, he was doing something like that outside of the store.So even if there were a few customers coming to the store, they would not need to wait.

“If you earn money, sexual relationships are quick. In addition, unlike ordinary customers who come to the store, the customers that demand “special medicine” are often wealthy people.”

When she saw Roche with a  bad smile, Shiori got worried “Can I really work with this person?” No, it didn’t seem he had done anything really bad, and perhaps, maybe because he loved money he did not feel guilty about exploiting it from the rich… …, Shiori tried convincing herself, however it didn’t feel right.

 But if Roche really was thinking only about money, he should focus on “special medicines” and do business, in fact he shouldn’t even have the shop open. The medicine in the store didn’t earn him much, and earlier she had seen Roche sparing medicine for kids who were short on money. So it was okay, Roche really was a nice person…..

“Hey Shiori. Handle that medicine with care, because it’s important so I can wind up some gold from a stupid rich man.”

Probably, a good person?

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