RR Chapter 12: Secret Medicine

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Translator: Sakuraid (Google)

Editor: Intel, Sakuraid


“Thank you, this was very helpful.”

The day after Syllabus had come to the store, Shiori went to the castle with a perfectly dried cloak. She handed over the carefully folded cloak to the gatekeeper who stood by the gate as usual. In fact she had thought she should bring something as a token of gratitude, but Shiori unfortunately did not have any money. She had used her salary for the necessary items for her life in this new world. If life became a little bit stable for her, she decided she would come thank him again. This was what Shiori decided.

“No, no… … You really don’t have to thank me.”

The gatekeeper seemed upset by Shiori’s appearance, even so, he stood up and received the cloak.

“Are you okay, is there something wrong?”

Shiori tilted her head and looked into his face, it felt funny. However, the gatekeeper turned to the side as if avoiding her. While lying back against the wall, he said what it was.

“Oh, no! It’s okay! There’s nothing wrong.”

“…..Is that so?”

No, there was clearly something wrong, but while thinking Shiori drew closer to him. It may be because she suddenly drew closer to him, however he stepped backwards and expressed shock even though he shouldn’t.

It may be that she was hated because she had constantly been coming there looking for Krust, Shiori guessed.

“Well, goodbye. Sorry. That, truly, thank you.”

Thanking him once more, and leaving the palace no longer needing to linger around. Since she had asked Syllabus about Krust, she did not have to persist on persuading the guard. She did not want to disturb his work, while thinking such a thing Shiori left.

“Oh, wait …”

The voice of the gatekeeper became quiet and was nearly drowned out by the laughter of the other gatekeeper saying “Pfft… …” But none of this reached Shiori who had quickly left the castle.



When Shiori returned to the shop, the sign that was supposed to say closed said open, inside Roche sat at the counter smoking a cigarette. As he went out in the morning Shiori had thought he would not come home until evening as usual.

“What? Roche, why?”

“Is it bad for a shop owner to be at his own?”

While checking the sales of the shop, he said that with an idiosyncratic tone.

“Because, unusual.”

“Because you told me you were going outside, I came back to my house. So, where did you go?”

Roche’s tone was rough, but there were no nuances of blaming Shiori, there was no feeling of blame. It seemed more like Roche was worried about Shiori going out alone. Shiori wanted to be honest with him, but decided against it.

“Only … … towards the main street,”

She lied, because it was obvious he would ask “what for?” If she said “I went to the castle”.


Roche was turning pages in his book and didn’t seem to doubt Shiori. Shiori was confused, should she tell Roche she was from a different world, that she was familiar with the her Krust? They had been living together and she thought Roche was a reliable person, regardless of his appearance. But it does take awhile to decide if she should or shouldn’t divulge her secret to him.

If she remembered correctly, Krust had told her that going to other worlds was not common even in this magical country. Although it seemed like everyone believed there were other worlds, so Roche surely would. If she told him “I came from a different world and I am acquainted with Krust…” Would he just be amazed or would he say something like, “A different world and knowing the hero? What are you saying” … He probably would.

Roche had also not tried to dig further into where she was from, and he didn’t seem particularly interested. So it may be better to confess when she or Krust felt they were in need of another world trip or Krust was absent. This is what Shiori decided.

“Oh yeah, Odom’s fruit and Carleson, Rickory, we are going to buy those. Yesterday I received an order from a doctor. I spread it on a Zaru and it is being dried in the backyard.”(TLN: Maybe some help?this is a really weird one:「そういえばオドムの実とカレソン、リッコリー、仕入れといたぞ。昨日、医者から注文受けたってやつ。ザルに広げて、裏庭に干してあるからな」)

Roche closed his book and extinguished his cigarette.

“I understand”

Roche seemed to be in a good mood since he had gotten a large order the day before. He also praised Shiori and said “I’ll buy a cake.” While hoping that Roche would not forget this promise Shiori started working. After taking off her coat and putting an apron on she put herbs in a pot and cooked it. It was different from the order she received from Syllabus, this was a different medicine. Roche had told her it was a medicine she had made before, all she had to do was boil the water and add a few kinds of herbs and honey. Then she had to filter it and remove the herbs and other germs.Then she had to add color powder to the pale yellow-green transparent liquid and it would become…

“Whenever I see it, it is all colors.”

Shiori muttered in Japanese. When she put the cooled medicine into a beautiful glass bottle, a thick ink liquid swayed amidly.

She had been told “You can make it like this” by Roche, but she didn’t know what medicine it was, but she knew the medicine was different from other medicine.

First of all, the medicine would later be collected by Roche and not lined up at the store. Coloring, adding honey, putting it in a bottle of fresh glass that was different from others. She thought that honey was used as a preservative instead of a sterilizing effect, but it seems it was simply used to sweeten the medicine.

(I’m afraid of what this medicine might be… It’s scary to make medicines that I don’t understand the true purpose of, but I don’t think it’s a potion, because of the herbs used.)

While thinking such a thing, Shiori watched Roche sit at the counter reading a difficult book. As usual, it is bad that this can’t be seen as much of a healthy pharmacy.

“Roche, question.”

Pouring the pink liquid into a small bottle with a dropper, Roche responded with a simple “Huh?”, even if he spoke with a disinterested tone, Shiori did not falter as she knew this was his usual tone.

“What is this, what is the medicine effective for?”

Roche closed the glass lid and shook the small bottle in his hand.

“Do you really want to hear it?”

“I want to hear”

“You can’t turn back once you hear it.”


Roche smiled nastily which made Shiori get a cold sweat, wondering if she really should have asked.

“Don’t let it get to you that much, it’s just an aphrodisiac.”


“It’s a drug that amplifies libido and sharpens the body’s senses.”


“It’s a medicine used for the night’s act, women often drink it.”

Shiori silently stared at the liquid in the small bottle, she wouldn’t expect that from that color.

“Use honey, on purpose?”

Shiori raised her face and asked Roche. Whenever you took this medicine it would have a sweet scent which would make your head smoother. Since honey is a bit expensive you can’t use it extensively, but it makes the fragrance of the flower spread and melt thoughts. Roche’s lips curved upwards as if he was satisfied with Shiori’s conclusion.

“That’s right, it’s supposed to have a sweet taste and smell, even the color is intentional.  It’s supposed to make you think “This medicine must have a great effect judging from it’s appearance and taste.””

Shiori was convinced this was a placebo effect. It is said that if you believe Ramune is cold medicine, it will help you recover.

Actually, in addition to this, there was another medicine that she had made without knowing its purpose, this medicine was colored bright red, she had mixed things like purple cold peppers into it and it smelled spicy. She wanted to know the details of this medicine as well.

“Well, one more … … red medicine, effect, what?”

“That is an energetic agent, a drug that makes a man feel better”


That was all Shiori could say, she felt dizzy having made medicine like that without knowing it.

“Well… ….I’d like to ask you about it. Is this a crime? Aren’t we going to be caught?”

“It’s okay, you’ll only be punished if the medicine you drink is too strong. That’s why we’re suppressing the effect on purpose. If you don’t risk it being a crime you can make money.”

Well, Shiori thought, in this regard Roche was reliable. He was intelligent and could think of ways to make money, because of that there was no need to cross the dangerous bridge of selling bad drugs.

While thinking about such a thing, Shiori noticed, Roche often goes out to sell this medicine.

She asked about it, and Roche gently nodded without removing his eyes from the book.

“As we take care of familiar customers we are also always looking for more customers. The owner of the brothel who I was eating together with at the hotel the first time I met you, he’s also a customer.”

A memory she had repressed and been revived, Shiori’s face stiffened.

But, she did also admire Roche, he was doing something like that outside of the store.So even if there were a few customers coming to the store, they would not need to wait.

“If you earn money, sexual relationships are quick. In addition, unlike ordinary customers who come to the store, the customers that demand “special medicine” are often wealthy people.”

When she saw Roche with a  bad smile, Shiori got worried “Can I really work with this person?” No, it didn’t seem he had done anything really bad, and perhaps, maybe because he loved money he did not feel guilty about exploiting it from the rich… …, Shiori tried convincing herself, however it didn’t feel right.

 But if Roche really was thinking only about money, he should focus on “special medicines” and do business, in fact he shouldn’t even have the shop open. The medicine in the store didn’t earn him much, and earlier she had seen Roche sparing medicine for kids who were short on money. So it was okay, Roche really was a nice person…..

“Hey Shiori. Handle that medicine with care, because it’s important so I can wind up some gold from a stupid rich man.”

Probably, a good person?

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RR Chapter 11: One Step Forward?

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Translator: Sakuraid

Editors: Intel, Sakuraid


“It doesn’t seem to dry easily”

Shiori spoke in a troubled voice, touching the cloak hanging in the back of the shop. The cloak she had borrowed from one of the gatekeepers yesterday was still moist.

“Even though it isn’t raining the weather is still bad today, so isn’t it better to let it dry in the warm shop?”

It would probably dry quickly near the oven. Thinking so, Shiori decided to leave the cloak in the store to dry. When Shiori entered the store from the back door, she saw a guest that had in an unkempt way entered the store.

“Sorry, behind, I did not notice you”

As she said so, Shiori put the cloak over the work table and went to the counter.

“No, it’s okay. I just arrived.”

The guest was a elegant gentleman with grey hair. He seemed about in his seventies and had a cane, but the spine was straight and his legs were solid and youthful. Was this a person from the city? Shiori wondered. The man seemed like an upper class citizen, he had a slightly different atmosphere from the customers who usually came to the store.

“Are you looking for something?”

Asking this, Shiori was a bit nervous. The gray-haired man responded while he looked at the various medicines on the store’s shelves.

“No, I do not have any drugs that I want urgently”


Shiori wanted to ask him why he had come then, but she couldn’t. So, instead she watched him while sorting things on the counter.

“Actually I heard a rumor of this store in the street.”

The gentleman said this and smiled watching Shiori over his glasses.


“Yes, but it’s not a bad rumor. It’s a good rumor, they say that the medicine in this store is really effective.”

Shiori broke her expression and relaxed a bit. She was pleased that the store was being praised.

“Miss is still young, but … is this your shop?”

The gentleman looked around the store and then back at Shiori after confirming that there was no one else there.

“No. There is, shopkeeper. Out now though.”

“Is that so.”

Roche was out from morning that day as well. Taking care of the shop almost by herself was already becoming normal for Shiori.

“Actually, I’m a doctor, I was looking for some good medicine.”


Shiori nodded, it certainly seemed possible.

“There are many who have bruises and cuts among my patients, are there any medicines that would work well for that?”


Shiori headed toward a shelf and picked a brown large bottle up, inside there were dried medicinal herbs cut to a reasonable size.

“This, wound medicine. Put it in a little water, put it on a clean gauze, put it on a wound. Of course, wash the wound well first.

Shiori opened the lid and tilted the bottle to show the contents to the gray-haired gentleman.

This medicine is a medicine that covers the wound so as to not dry the bodily fluid coming out of the wound, it heals using self-healing power. Shiori thought it seemed similar to humidification therapy which recently became known in Japan. The impression the first time Roche had told her about it was something like “Oh, so the effect is similar to that high adhesive bandage?”

“Also, this and this is also recommended”

Shiori grabbed two small bottles this time.

“This, the fever of the affected part, this medicine dampens it. This, the pain of the affected part, this medicine helps relieve.”

“Is this pain reliever made from the roots of Silole?”

“I am sorry, wait just a moment.”

Shiori took out the note from the shelf next to the counter and began to flicker through it, she had written down the different notes she had heard from Roche in japanese.

She wasn’t supposed to share the recipe for the medicine with other people, but the Silole thing should be okay. It is a medicinal herb that’s widely known for relieving pain.

“Yes, the main ingredient is roots of Silole but there are a few other things mixed in there, so it should be highly effective.”


The older gentleman put his hand on his chin in thought. Then,

“Let’s try it, give me one of each of those three medicines. If it seems more effective than what I am using right now, I will continue to purchase it.”

“Thank you.”

She had done it, Shiori smiled. She was getting a new customer. Moreover, this customer was a doctor, so they would buy more medicine than the general customers.

“Well… It’s a medicine against pain, a medicine against heat, We need to inventory it somehow, it’s not a bad medicine, but it’s insufficient, we need to stock some herbs, so it takes a week to prepare it.”

Shiori said, the gentleman acknowledged it with a “It doesn’t matter” while paying.

“Anyway, today I have some more things to bring back home by myself, after a week I will bring my baggage and come again.”

The gentleman smiled, and Shiori smiled back. What a nice person…, making her wariness disappear.

She didn’t think she would forget, but just in case she should note the type and amount of medicine he had order once on paper. Because the characters of this world have different figures from Japanese.

“What is your name?”

“People call me Syllabus.”

Syllabus, a word I often heard during my college days, it was easy to remember. While thinking this Shiori took a few notes under that name. Suddenly, while looking behind her Syllabus asked,

“Is that the same one that knights use?”

What he was looking at was the cloak that had been placed on the work table. The one Shiori had borrowed from the gatekeeper yesterday. Why is that here? As Shiori understood what the man was asking she explained how it had happened. There was a person she had wanted to meet so she went to the castle, but in the end she couldn’t meet him. As she started to give up it started raining and then, she borrowed to coat from a gatekeeper.

“Who would you like to meet? Are you also a lady ‘s acquaintance working in a castle?”

“No, well… er…”

Shiori felt a bit lost on whether she should explain it or not. If she said she knew the hero, would he think she was lying?

Syllabus seemed gentle and he gave the hesitant Shiori a sense of security.

“In fact, I also work in the castle, as an exclusive doctor of the Order and if your acquaintance is a person I know, I can tell him the message “My daughter wants to meet you.””

Shiori instinctively froze at the counter.

“Ah, that … … my acquaintance, Krust Orfeld. It may be impossible to believe, but true, I know I met him, I want to see him.”

Shiori’s heart was beating faster now and her speech became faster.

When presented Krust’s name, Syllabus remained the same as before, this surprised Shiori. It might have been unbelievable to think that there was any sort of connection between an ordinary girl working at a drugstore and a national hero.

“True, isn’t, a lie, is different. Prior acquaintance before Krust becoming a hero.”

But it was taken in with serious eyes because Shiori was appealing so much, after thinking a bit about it Syllabus,

“Well, i do not think miss is a liar, because you can see that in people’s eyes when you get older, is that so, Orfeld’s …?”

Shiori nodded.

“Krust, do you know?”

“Yes, of course. I also knew him before he became a hero, since I was with the knights.”

“Well then, please let him know…… I am here, I want to meet…”

At Shiori’s request, Syllabus shook his head “No.” Shiori was confused, but Syllabus lowered his eyebrows and smiled,

“I’ll take him directly here, he will help me carry my luggage, we’ll come in a week from now.”

“Tha, thanks …!!”

No doubt at such a time, she would have multiple opportunities to meet with Krust. Shiori seemed to cry lightly, grasping Syllabus’s hands and shaking them like a politician before an election.

“Orfeld is a busy body, but it will be okay. I will make sure of it.”

“Thank you, I really appreciate it very much.”

“It’s not a problem, and that mantle, should I return it to the gatekeeper you borrowed it from? Anyway, I will return to the castle for now, so I can do it.”

Syllabus offered, pointing at the coat on the workbench in the back.

He really was a nice person. Super gentleman! While thinking that, Shiori shook her head. If she asked something more of Syllabus who bought a lot of medicine and said he would bring her to Krust, that might be too much.

“I am grateful, but I will return it myself, I want to thank him directly,”

It’s bad to make others return what you borrowed. Besides, the cloak was still wet, so she would have felt sorry for making Syllabus return it to the gatekeeper. After having smiled “so it’s like that”, Syllabus checked his pocket watch and left the store after speaking to Shiori in a slightly panicked tone.

“Oh, it looks like I have stayed too long, I have to return soon… Then I will bring him here lady, bring Orfeld in a week.”

“I’m waiting …. Thank you!”

Hooray! With this she could meet Krust. Finally…!

Now, looking forward to the next week, Shiori raised her chest high.

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RR Chapter 10: Unanswered Love

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Chapter 11 and 12 will be posted later.

Translator: Sakuraid (Google)

Editor: lntel (76788a) & Sakuraid


“Why am I humming a song while cooking on the stove?”

Although she was Japanese she had never seen a stove like it when she was in Japan, Shiori wrinkled her brow. (TN: After trial and error this was what I got from this sentence: かまどなんて日本にいた時は見た事もなかったのに、と、詩織は眉間にしわを寄せた。Although it should not be 100% exact translation it should fully have the same meaning, at least in my opinion. かまど Kamado is a traditional japanese stove.)

(It is not the case of when one is spending a fun day in this world. It is not a familiar case. Because I’m returning to Japan.)

She thought so to herself, however, Shiori had doubts. If life here was so fun and fulfilling, why did she need to return?

“No no no… what kind of idea is that… I feel useless”

Wanting to return home, is it not a normal feeling as a person? Even if she didn’t go back to Japan, it would seem like she was a very heartless human.

But she had a job here. It was fun and rewarding, and the salary was good and there was good enough work. That keeps Shiori’s heart in this world.

This job of making medicine is the work of a lifetime thing of the so-called “hand job” system. The knowledge she had learnt from Roche could also be applied elsewhere.  The job was no longer overwhelming.

But, if she returns to Japan, can she get this kind of job again? That was Shiori’s thoughts.

What she cared about in Japan were her parents. No matter how much a couple love one another, family is important. You should be worried if your daughter is missing. She didn’t want to make them worry. She wanted to let them know she was fine by returning to Japan.

“But on the contrary, that’s the only reason… Why do I think I should go back to Japan?”

She sat on a chair, and muttered while messing around with the stir fried food on the dish.

“So, why do I want to remain in this world?”

Primarily her job, she finally got a job and she didn’t want to let go of it.

“In addition, Krust”

She also forgot him for a couple of weeks, but when she recalls him, his presence gradually swells in Shiori’s heart.

“I want to meet…”(TLN: Here I went “aw”)

I spilled it.

Shiori now had a job and she didn’t want to rely on him to help her. However, if she was in the same world anyway, didn’t she want to ask him “Long time no see, how are you?” she would like to recall the three months they lived together, laughing.

Krust is also the person who Shiori had a faint love with She wanted to see how he had changed over the course of three years. It is a similar feeling to meeting your first love again at an alumni gathering.

But she did not want to be a companion to the hero, she wanted to be a lover.

However, it might be nice if they could just occasionally meet and talk like friends. Even if it’s just that, then life here would surely be more fun.

And if Krust could introduce her to the magician he is acquainted with, she could ask if there was any way back to Japan. If there is a way back she would have to decide whether to go back to Japan or stay in this world.

“Well then, right now my biggest wish is “to meet Krust.””

After having resolved herself, she started eating.

And the next day, Shiori got half a day off at afternoon and decided it was time to go see Krust. Roche also left in the morning, so the shop closed at noon.

(What on earth are you really doing Roche, are you okay?)

While thinking about such a thing, Shiori put the “closed” tag on the doorknob, locked it with the key and left the store.

Though Shiori worked fifteen hours a day, she had little fatigue.  Unlike work in Japan, this might be due to less stress and pressure. Work starts early in the morning, but as the sun goes down at night the shop closes at the same time so you can have plenty of sleep.

(This kind of slow life was might be alright.)

Even during the same day, she felt that time in this world moved more slowly and gently than time in Japan.

However, there were also many inconveniences. There were no refrigerators or washing machines, and the primary means of transportation was on foot, but when it’s two hours away…

Shiori looked at the castle behind to town and how far away it was. She couldn’t ride a horse and carriage since that cost money, so she had no choice but to walk. Shiori sighed and stepped out, giving up.


“Alright, I arrived!”

In front of a big castle, Shiori raised a joyful voice. Because it was the second time, she had arrived earlier than last time. It probably even took a bit less than two hours.

She went around to the front, and as before, she headed towards the gate. There were two gatekeepers holding spears standing there, but one of them seemed to recognize Shiori.

“Oh, you again.”

A tall young man with bright brown hair. Shiori somehow thought that he seemed to be a member of the basketball club.

“A different person would have been better, this person absolutely thinks that i’m a fan of Krust.”

While muttering such a thing Shiori advanced towards the man in front of her. It seemed the other side remembered her face, because when he saw her he spoke.

“So you’re here again?”

He said a bit amazed and laughing. Should her goal be known, would he still be laughing?


Shiori lowered her head.

“You want to meet Krust today as well?”

“Yes, Krust, want to meet.”

“Unfortunately, Mr.Krust isn’t here today. He’s going to Edwella to visit the Majesty, he’ll be gone for maybe two or three more days.”


Edwella seemed to be the name of some place, Shiori shrugged her shoulders. Even though she had time off from work, if Krust wasn’t there it was completely useless.

“Well, Krust, back soon -”

“- It’s no use he won’t talk you.”

The gatekeeper finished Shiori’s sentence imitating her. They laughed a bit, making fun of Shiori. Shiori frowned and glared at them.


“Because I will not take any action”


“If I let fans like you in, you will bother Krust.”

“I am different fan, know each other.”

“Oh, you said that before. But it’s incredible that enthusiastic fans will try to meet mr. Krust with lies like that.”

Although Shiori had been frowning for a while, her opponent grinning the entire time. She had the feeling she was being made fun of. Shiori made a scary face to intimidate the other party.

“Bully” (TLN: lol Google didn’t want to translate this properly, good thing I could read the Hiragana and see that it said ijiwaru which from my knowledge should mean bully or meanie.)

A knight is supposed to be absolutely gentle and courteous to women and children, and of course, sincere and serious. Without any special meaning, this was the image of a knight in a field of flowers that Shiori had in mind. At least Krust was…

Thinking about that, Shiori decided to revise her idea.

It may not have been so in the first place, Krust was gentle, but somehow there was some weird malicious switch there, there was flowers, but at the same time there weren’t any.

“Oh, scary.”

The guards shrugged their shoulder and pretended to be afraid of Shiori’s “intimidation”.

“But it’s useless to be in love with a hero, because from the beginning, there is no hope. So I am just trying to save you from that sort of barren love.”

After saying that, the guard laughed as if it was a joke.

Although Shiori shut her lips tightly and glanced at the gate, she was a bit take aback by the word “barren love”.

It certainly is barren, though. And it was muttering in Shiori’s heart.

It certainly was a mysterious feeling to not even know if Krust still remembered her.

But apart from that she was still in love with Krust … But maybe… She shouldn’t be.

When she was living together with him, he was happy every day and there was a sense of the two being in love, but she thought it would be different now.

Three years had passed since then, she felt somewhat calm, apparently that person could become a hero. But even so, she had heard that even loving hearts could be stretched out.

In Japan Krust had to rely on Shiori, so he stayed with her. So there would be no problem with her doing the same, she calmly reasoned.

And, while Shiori was thinking about such things, raindrops fell down around her, breaking into pieces as they hit the ground. Rain was starting to fall.

“Rain…”(TLN: I didn’t know the kanji for rain, but I learned it now, read as yuo or ame I think….. (TLN inside a TLN: so many translator notes!))

Shiori looked up at the gray sky, hoping that it wouldn’t be too bad before she got back to town. But she was worried, it seemed that Krust wasn’t at the castle, so it was probably better for her to go home for today.

Shiori glared at the gatekeeper.

“I will return, prepare yourself!”

She declared this imitating Roche’s tone and turned her body. She wanted to get away as quickly as she could so the gatekeeper wouldn’t have a chance to talk back.

“Wait a minute”

Her arms were grabbed from behind by the gatekeeper and she stopped. She turned around, thinking back on if she had overdone it.

However, the gatekeeper immediately released her arms and went back to his place beside the gate saying “Don’t wait here.” Her arms were now covered with a white coat of some kind.

“It’s starting to rain, you can borrow it. It’s a coat to help against the rain, use it.”


Because of this unexpected kindness, Shiori blinked twice.

“I can borrow it?”

“Oh, so you don’t catch a cold, if you get caught in this this weather. It’s enough to stop this little rain, but you should hurry home.”

What a nice person! While thinking that, Shiori gratefully received the coat.

“Thank you, I will borrow, it will be very helpful”

Because the cloak was for men, it was rather large, and when Shiori wore it she looked ridiculous. The hem of the coat reached down to her ankles, and the hood was also attached, so it almost seemed like she had wings.

Shiori put the hood on and smiled towards the gatekeeper.

“I am sorry to say “Bully” before.”

It seemed to Shiori that this man was not a mean person at all. “Well then, I will come again.” She waved at the guard, and walked towards the city in the rain.


The Gatekeeper spoke to the basketball-player like gatekeeper who Shiori had smiled at. The other guard hadn’t been talking, he had been watching their interaction from the sidelines.

Now, seeing the other guard he was turning red all the way to his ears. Oh, was he falling in love?

“It’s rather fearless of you to fall in love with a girl who is in love with the hero.”

The guard muttered his advice

“Wait … … stupid! Who is in love ….!?”

He turned completely red and with a funny expression on his face he desperately tried to deny his romance.

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RR Chapter 9: Pharmacy

Sorry for the delay, I ended up being stuck reading this instead of translating but here it is!

Finished buying what she needed, Shiori got to start working​ in the afternoon.
Nonetheless, Shiori was an amateur. Roche first started by explaining all the medicines lined up in shelves of the store. With the language knowledge Shiori had it would be very hard to get Shiori to learn professional knowledge, he was surprisingly patient, his way of teaching was also good.
Shiori thought. Regarding Roche, he could probably have more surprising things.

(Although his looks tends to give a bad image, he is surprisingly smart and unexpectedly good at cooking, he had surprisingly books and he may be surprisingly gentle…)

She couldn’t be completely sure about the last part yet.
But he is certainly smart. Shiori put a stop to Roche who were explaining the characteristics of the medicine in order.

“Memo, please…. Remembering, impossible.”

She appealed with a miserable voice.

“Well, indeed. It would be bad if you remembered it wrongly.”

Roche responded to her and gave her a bundle of paper packed with strings. She liked taking notes in Japanese, using a feather pen dipped in ink on the notebook look alike. What medicine is effective? What herbs are used? How much will it work if used all at once? Are there any side effects?

Medicines that are always on the store shelves seem to be well-selling ones. It seemed like it should be greatly stocked with cold medicine in the winter.
When Roche finished explaining about the medicines, he taught her about this world’s currency. Because it was absolutely necessary knowledge when selling medicine. (TLN: When selling anything at all)

“Did you manage to understand somehow? Next, I will teach you how to take care of the medical herbs in the backyard.”
“Uh… Yes”

Roche meanly smiled, and watched Shiori which had smoke coming up from her head. For some reason he seemed to have fun.

Like this, almost everything got finished on the first day, both the explanation about the medicines and the explanation of the work content. Anyway, it seems like everything was said.

From the second day, it was finally decided to actually begin making medicine. However, it was not a very difficult task, as she only had to prepare it as Roche showed her on her side.
The basics were to grind dried medical herbs into fine grains and pack them in bottles in combination with other medical herbs. How many types and what types of medical herbs – leaves, stems, roots etc – are mixed and in what amount? The most difficult part of the “recipes” had already been completed by Roche, so Shiori just had to follow those recipes. Some medicinal herbs lose their effect when dried. In those cases, the herbs would be ground while fresh then boiled, and the essence extracted from the broth would be used to make medicine.

“Basically, the ingredients are condensed if you dry the medical herbs in the sun, but it is also hard to save them from decaying.”

Shiori turns around the house fumbling while nodding. It was similar to cooking, making medicine was more fun than she thought.

“To make medicines like this, take care of the medical herbs, and when customers come to the store the customers should be served. That is your job. Do you understand?”

To Roche’s words, Shiori replied “I understand”. Even learning to remember is likely to do the job. She did not have much physical strength to do any heavy work.

The only thing she was wondering about was that the number of customers were low. Yesterday at the hotel Roshe clearly said that “I am getting short on hand myself” etc….
Although the price of each medicine was high, Shiori wondered whether he could keep doing what he do. Regarding this, Roche didn’t seem to feel a sense of crisis at all and it was worrisome that he takes on such a good attitude.
However, he wasn’t actually that careless. After Shiori, by chance, started working there, it seemed that more customers, though still few, did visit.


Two weeks passed by quickly, and Shiori was getting used to this world and her work a lot. Her language knowledge was still bad, but it should have become much better than in the beginning.
She could not give up her notes in the notebook, but somehow she remembered the names of every type of medicinal herbs. Because she sees the real things everyday, it might be easier to memorize than just sitting in front of a desk and study.


The doorbell of the shop rang, a woman of age came in. She gave of an impression of a young wife.
Shiori stops cleaning the shelves and heads to the shop counter.

“Welcome, what are you looking for?”

As she had said this phrase every day, the accent had begun to disappear and smooth speach was left.
The customer lady smiled gently when she looked at Shiori and looked around once and said.

“Well, are you a new clerk? The usual man… well, was his name Roche, where is he?”
“Shopkeeper, he is out now, I’m a beginner, but please let me listen, medicine needed.”
“Well.. if it is like that… in fact, I’m heavy,  ‘the thing of the month’ is heavy. I always use the medicine here to ease the pain, but since the thing I bought last time is about to run out sooner or later, I thought, but… I wonder if you understand.”

The woman looked an Shiori uneasily. For her, Shiori looked more unreliable than Roche.
However, Shiori nodded and gave a big “all right”.

“I understand … I heard from the shopkeeper, are you the customer, name, Marie-san?”(TLN: マリ mari, Mary or Marie, choose Marie)
“Yes, that’s right.”
“If this is the case, this is the same as the previous medicine, it works for fever, headache, abdominal pain, once a package, up to three capsules per day”

Shiori took out a brown paper bag from the inside of the counter. There is a medicine for subdivided menstrual pain inside. Roche said that Marie would come soon so it should have be prepared. She seems to have gone here from a few years ago, so he knows when the medicine is gone.

“Well, thank you. I’m grateful.”

Marie gave of a relieved smile, received the medicine and payed.

“I have a really bad pain, and I had to stay in bed all day if I could not get any medicine.”
“That is very serious. Very”

Shiori nodded seriously. She was a lighter one, but some of her friends think that there were some children going to the hospital for injections.
Marie said.

“But the medicine here really works well, there are almost no side effects and it is helping me monthly.”

‘The medicine here works well.’ It is a sentence often told to Shiori by the customers and it is also a sentence that reminds her of Roches greatness whenever she hears it. The medicines he makes were very good.
Shiori translated and learned from that, but the recipes are supposed not to leave out of the doors and be told to anyone else of course.

“But, I’m glad that there is a girl.” (TLN: Not a direct translation but this sounds and match better and still retains the meaning, if you want to know the direct translation ask in the comments)

Marie said all of a sudden. When Shiori tilted her neck, she continued by explaining.

“There are symptoms that one can hardly tell the opposite sex like in my case, and Roche is cool so it’s embarrassing to talk about the things of the month”
“I understand”

Shiori’s reply wasn’t to ‘Roche is cool’ but the part ‘There are symptoms that one can hardly tell the opposite sex’

“If you do not mind, please come to us again.”
“Yes, thanks. I will be saved.”
“I hope you get well”

When Marie returned home, Shiori resumed the cleaning and decided to take a break when that was over. It was already lunch, so it was time to eat.
While making vegetable stir-fry on the oven, she was uh-huh and humming. Not only from Marie, it makes her happy to hear “Thank you” from customers. You can realize that what you did was useful to people.

(Somehow, I recently feel good. Every day is fun and fulfilling.)

Shiori felt that way. Both life in this world and the work with medicine got more familiar to her more than she thought they would.
And Roche was a much better boss than she expected. When she asked about something she didn’t know, he would teach her thoroughly and when Shiori made the occasional mistake, he would have a “whip”, but as she worked to correct her mistake, he would buy her a reward with the “candy” of cookies and muffins.

(Helpnote: “whip and candy” is a JP idiom pretty much equivalent to the English one “carrot and stick”. Consider using carrot and stick.)

She was just a bit dissatisfied, he just taught her the work for the first three days, and almost always been out after that?
Leaving the store to Shiori the rookie, Roche was going out in the morning saying “It is to stock medicinal herbs”. She guessed he were actually buying them, but she thought that it took too much time for that.
He may be selling oil somewhere, but to Shiori can not complain because the daily wages are properly paid. As usual there are few customers, but it is strange that she get a proper salary.
At first she was worried about the communal life with Roche, but he was now becoming like a guardian, and their relationship was good.

It felt rewarding to work, the relationship with the roommate and boss was also not bad, it was a challenge to remember new things every day. Even without a television or a mobile phone, Shiori was very satisfied with her present life.

(After all I found a job that suits me, there are so many things to remember and there are serious things to think of, but I feel that my heart is filled)

While stirring vegetable stir-fry dish, she smiled and thought of such a thing.
However, Shiori suddenly stopped moving.

To begin with, she-

“What normally… makes us familiar with this world!”

She finally noticed it her second week and raised her voice.

“And I also forgot about Krust!”

Please visit ElephantNo5 site, unlike me he/she is a true translator(knows Japanese, I just use Google…) and he/she helped me with some parts of this chapter, like the part with whip and candy.

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