Imagining Online: The Game

Hiro Gustavsson a half Swedish half Japanese guy enters the world of Imagine Online to experience a second life full of Fantasy, Action, Comedy and Friendship.

Like most other Vrmmorpg light novels he will get an OP power through both hard work and coincidence, but obtaining it will cost him a price.

Read to see what exciting things will develop for him with his new power, what is the price and what will make him survive in the end?.

An: This book is like a hobby of mine so don’t expect fast updates but I guess the max deadline of a chapter is half a year, tho I think the longest time before I posted a chapter so far is Max six months. Anyway read a couple of other books or do something else while you wait. ^.^

Note that this story description might be changed anytime.

Volume 1

Prologue: Vrmmorpg

Chapter 1: The Game Begins

Chapter 2: Travel North

Chapter 3: The Big Boss Transfer

Chapter 4: Beat The Dwarf

Chapter 5: Moonlight

Chapter 6: Sneaky Enough?

Chapter 7: The Hawks

Chapter 8: Fire Dragon

Chapter 9: Weird amulet and meeting Moonlight

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