Ring Ring

by Mikuni Tsukasa(三国司)

The webnovel raws: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n7439bk/

Credits to Slackerdog for translating the first two chapters and the synopsis.


Amazon Japan


3 years ago, a university student named Shiori took care of a knight who was strangely transported to Japan.
Although he managed to return to his world, but this time, for some reason it was Shiori’s turn to appear in an unfamiliar world.
With no one to rely on, Shiori meant to meet with the knight, but in this world, he had become a hero…

The first two chapters was taken from/can be found here:


I tried to get in contact with Slackerdog to check if it was ok for him if I tl it (I’m in the middle of learning Japanese so I have mostly Machine translated it.) but I found no way to contact him so I asked Estelion (The “admin” of oniichanyamete) if it was ok. Seems like it was. New chapter irregulary and not often. Note that this page may be updated a few hours after that since I’m likely asleep.

Chapter 1 – To His World

Chapter 2 – Her Time with Him

Chapter 3 – To the Castle

Chapter 4 – Krust is a Hero

Chapter 5 – At the Hotel (1)

Chapter 6 – At the Hotel (2)

Chapter 7 – The Magician and the Hero

Chapter 8 – The Store in the Alley

Chapter 9 – Pharmacy

Chapter 10 – Unanswered  Love

Chapter 11 – One Step Forward?

Chapter 12 – Secret Medicine

Chapter 13 – Chance of Reunion

Chapter 14 – Krust is Coming

Chapter 15 – Fight

Chapter 16 – Giving up

Chapter 17 – Parade

Chapter 18 – Happy Dreams

Chapter 19 – Heartbroken

Chapter 20 – On the Crying Side

Chapter 21 – Knight

Chapter 22 – Entertainment

Chapter 23 – A Certain Strategy

Chapter 24 – Sudden Love

Chapter 25 – Interrogation

Chapter 26 – Solitude

Chapter 27 – Relief?

Chapter 28 – Garrell Arrives

Chapter 29 – Finally

Chapter 30 – Reunion

Chapter 31 – Illusion (uncertain title, will be certain once translated)

Chapter 32 – Hero, Breaks

Chapter 33 – Goal

Chapter 34 – Jealousy and Misunderstanding, Later on….

Chapter 35 – Under the Same Sky

After Story – Two Gentlemen (Two People who are Pure)

5 thoughts on “Ring Ring”

  1. Translator-sama, I have come from another planet(website) to tell you of my feelings for this novel. XD

    I really really love this story. To me, this is like finding water in the middle of the desert. The story is fresh. I like how in this story the two main characters often think about each other, miss each other, even wondering about the same thing.

    I am really grateful there is someone translating this novel as I find joy in reading novels. I know I may sound a bit exaggerated but this is truly how I feel.

    And so I went to this website to tell ypu, translator-sama. Thank you so much! And I’m looking forward to the next update!^^

    *i hope that soldier can be friends with shiori

    Liked by 2 people

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